Getting started

What is Innprove? (video)

Innprove is an online investment platform that allows everyone to invest in crypto currencies. Simply set-up your account, link your crypto currency exchange and start investing in a couple of minutes. We do the rest for you. Innprove automatically invests your funds...

What are the customer requirements?

You can only create an account and use the investment platform if: You are a natural person and 18 years or older; You are authorised to enter into a contractual relation with Innprove and to accept the terms. You are aware of the high risks in relation to investing...

How can I create or terminate my account?

You can register here and set-up your account in a couple of minutes. We would regret it if you would like to stop investing with Innprove, but we have not made it unnecessarily difficult for you. You have 2 options: 1. You can temporarily stop trading. Simply click...

Your investment profile

How to set my investment profile?

You can set your investment profile in your personal dashboard. First, log-in to your Innprove account. Next, before you can start investing, you will be asked a few questions. Based on your answers, we will automatically create your investment profile. You can update...

Where does innprove invest in?

Innprove solely invests in unregulated virtual currencies or crypto currencies. So what are they? Crypto currencies are a digital representation of value that is not issued or guaranteed by a central bank or a public authority. They are not necessarily attached to a...

How much profit can I make?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a glass ball, so we can’t predict the future of your returns. Check out our live dashboard for the returns in the past. Please note that results achieved in the past are no guarantee of future returns. Your returns will depend on the risk...

Can I also lose money?

Yes, that is possible despite the fact that we make use of smart trading bot technology for investing and trading of crypto currencies. You should be aware of the high risks in relation to investing in crypto currency. Prices of crypto currencies can rise, fall or...


Set-up exchange account

Link exchange

What is an API Key and Secret?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. As the name already suggests, it is an interface used to link the Innprove platform with the exchanges. If you provide us with the API Key and Secret of your exchange account, then Innprove is able to invest and trade...

Can I still use my exchange once linked?

Yes, you can continue to use your exchange account once you have linked it to your Innprove account. You can therefore continue to use your exchange account as you are used to, while at the same time having Innprove's powerful investment strategy executing in the...


How to start investing

What is the minimum investment amount?

If you want to start trading, you should set an investment amount. The investment amount is defined in the base currency and can be set in your personal dashboard. The investment amount should exceeds the minimum investment amount. The minimum investment amount should...

Can I start or stop investing at any time?

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What is a base currency?

After linking your exchange, you can choose a base currency in your dashboard. The base currency is used to start trading with on your exchange and to transfer any profits to. Also your minimum investment amount is defined in the base currency. You can define the base...

Which base currency should I use?

Which base currency to use depends on your personal view and expectation of the market. As an example, for Binance you can define the following base currencies: Tether (USDT) Bitcoin (BTC) Tether is relatively stable compared to fiat currencies (like USD or EURO)....

Funds and security

Are my funds secure?

Your funds are and remain in your crypto currency exchange account at all times. We have no access to your funds. We only invest and trade them on your behalf. So in the unlikely event of a data breach, it is still impossible for outsiders to access your funds. We...

Can I always access and withdraw my money?

Yes, It is your money so you decide what happens to it! Your funds are and remain in your crypto currency exchange account at all times. We have no access to your funds. We only invest and trade them on your behalf.

Is Innprove safe to use?

We give top priority to the security of our Innprove technology and investment platform. This is what we continuously invest in. Now and in the future. We also take your privacy seriously and handle all your personal data with the utmost care. See our privacy...


Personal dashboard

Pricing and payment

What costs do I pay?

You can find the most up-to-date information about the available packages and prices here.

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© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.

© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.