Getting started

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What is Innprove? (video)

Innprove is an online investment platform that allows everyone to invest in crypto currencies. Simply set-up your account, link your crypto currency exchange and start investing in a couple of minutes. We do the rest for you. Innprove automatically invests your funds...

What are the customer requirements?

You can only create an account and use the investment platform if: You are a natural person and 18 years or older; You are authorised to enter into a contractual relation with Innprove and to accept the terms. You are aware of the high risks in relation to investing...

How can I create or terminate my account?

You can register here and set-up your account in a couple of minutes. We would regret it if you would like to stop investing with Innprove, but we have not made it unnecessarily difficult for you. You have 2 options: 1. You can temporarily stop trading. Simply click...

© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.

© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.